Month: March 2018

buy historical kukri online.

Kukri Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things to think about before purchasing a kukri or other outdoor style edge ware technology: What is a Kukri(Khukuri)? A Kukris is a forward curving Nepalese Knife made famous by the formidable British Gurkha Soldiers who have served with distinction from World War II through to the modern day battle […]

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History of Kukri

Introduction to History of Kukri Yelling their spine-chilling battle cry “Aayo Gorkhali” – (Here comes the Gurkhas), when the Gurkha troops charged towards the invading British soldiers at the Battle of Naalapani in the year 1814 AD, this was the first time that the majestic yet fierce “Kukri ” was introduced to the western world. […]

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