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Gurkha and their Khukri to provide security at Trump-Kim Summit

Trustworthiness and valor has been integral part of Gurkha Kukri Knife’s legacy for centuries now. However, the famed Gurkha army and their prized weapon “Kukri” featured once again in the news all over the world during the past few days. Reason this time was their unsurprising selection to provide security at probably the most talked about political summit of this century – the […]

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Kukri Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things to think about before purchasing a kukri or other outdoor style edge ware technology: What is a Kukri(Khukuri)? A Kukris is a forward curving Nepalese Knife made famous by the formidable British Gurkha Soldiers who have served with distinction from World War II through to the modern day battle […]

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History of Kukri

Introduction to History of Kukri Yelling their spine-chilling battle cry “Aayo Gorkhali” – (Here comes the Gurkhas), when the Gurkha troops charged towards the invading British soldiers at the Battle of Naalapani in the year 1814 AD, this was the first time that the majestic yet fierce “Kukri ” was introduced to the western world. […]

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Where to Buy Genuine Gurkha Khukuri Knives?

The Famous Gurkha Khukuri House

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Cherokee Khukuri

This is one of the oldest Khukuri made in Nepal, and also one of the traditional Khukuris. This Khukuri is known as the Cherokee Khukuri. It is similar to the Angkhola Khukuri, but the way it is forged and the tip of the blade is made in different way. It is also called a Budhune Khukuri. The […]

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Buying A Kukuri In Nepal

On a recent visit to Nepal I wandered off into the sub roads of Lazimpat, I happened to reach a Khukuri shop, right at the heart of Lazimpat on Radisson way. I went inside to have a look, I had heard a lot about Khukuri’s back in the states, read a lot about the bravery […]

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