Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal

Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepa

If you are looking for the Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal. Then we have the best of that. Having the kukri in the home is the best way of protection. Our main vision to open the store is to provide the good service to the customer. We believe customer satisfaction is always the main things. So, we have been selling the original and authentic kukri. If you have your own design in the mind than you can share with us, we are also doing the custom design kukri.

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Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal is the best and most selling kukri. The Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal means the proof of the brave gurkhas who fought in the wars to save others life. The gurkha are known for the bravery in the World Wars. Kukri is the national symbol of our nation. It is the symbol of the unification of the Nepal. Our forefather believed that the kukri were much safer than the gun. We Famous Gurkha Khukuri House which is located at the capital nearby the Hotel Radisson. We been dealing with the Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal. We believe that the customer satisfaction is the most important than earning money. The Genuine Gurkha Kukris have the important value throughout the country. Taking about the kukri at first it was made for chopping things later on it was used as a weapon.  The Genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal is made in the small town in eastern part of the country. We don’t have huge factory for the manufacturer of the kukri we collect it from place to place. The people loving in the eastern part of the kukri called blacksmith are used in making kukri. 

The Genuine Gurkha Kukris is of the different size and different. These kukri  resemble the history that is untold. The size and the style is the same at the world wars kukri. The Genuine Gurkha Knife should have the some special features like size of the blade, design of the base, length. We have been trying the modify the look of the kukri. Even though the style of the kukri is changed but the quality of steel use in the kukri is the same.  The gurkha kukri are all hand made.

The uses and types of the Genuine Gurkha Kukris are:                                                                              

1. Hunting kukri ; usually the hunting kukri are of the small type. This type of kukri can be carried in the pocket. Almost every hunting kukri are of full tang blade but handle can be of different materials like water buffalo horn, water buffalo bone or Indian rosewood. It is easy to carry and use in emergency.

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hunting kukri

2. Decorative kukri; usually the decorative kukri is for the display purpose in office or the home. Such type of kukri are of the screw drive because this kukri are not use for cutting any hard things. Mainly, this type of kukri are used for the gift purpose.


3. Custom kukri ; usually the custom kukri are design by the custom. If you have a specific design of the kukri you can order us. Such kukri are mainly order by the kukri lovers. You can create your own design of handle blade and the scabbard.

4. American Eagle kukri ; usually this kukri are popular in the America. The eagle is made at the handle which is the national animal of the America. This type of kukri come in any size from pocket to big kukri. Such type of kukri are of full tang and it is easy to use.

5. American Dragon Eagle Kukri : usually it also popular among the America. This kukri is a bit similar to the American Eagle kukri the difference is that the upper part of the blade is serrated which gives the shape of the spines of Dragon. It is one of the kind of the custom kukri.

6. Nepal army using kukri ; usually this kukri are the part of the uniform in Nepal army and the British army. Since, it is a part of uniform people like it to keep at the home for the information purpose.

7. Engraved kukri ; usually engraving is done as per the customer wise. If you are giving some of the kukri as a gift than its better if you write something and give it. The recent engraving was of the bad man in the kukri.

At last the Gurkha kukri are popular among all over the world. It is the sample of the bravery of the Bir Gurkhas who fought in the wars having risks of their own life. It is the sample of the Nepali people who fought in the Nala pain to save the country. Finally, You may not know how to take out the kukri from sheath. So, always draw the khukuri from scabbard slowly holding the upper edge of scabbard with palm and fingers. Avoid encircling the scabbard with your fingers. It may cause injury to your inner fingers.For the maintenance of the kukri: if you are going to keep it inside the scabbard for a long time, make sure the blade are well oiled with any kind of machine oil or gun oil. If you have a displaying stand as shown in the photo than, just keep the blade clean and dry. In case of rust develop on the blade rub it with fine sandpaper.

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