Kukri Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things to think about before purchasing a kukri or other outdoor style edge ware technology:

What is a Kukri(Khukuri)?

A Kukris is a forward curving Nepalese Knife made famous by the formidable British Gurkha Soldiers who have served with distinction from World War II through to the modern day battle fields in Afghanistan. Kukri’s are well known amongst knife enthusiasts for its tough blade designed to take on the toughest chopping challenges. But a Kukuri is more much more than steel with a tough edge.

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Genuine Handmade products:

A genuine authentic Khukri is made by expertly forging (hammering) hot steel over and over again to give it its famous shape. There are lots of machine made khukri knives that are cheap and unreliable, but genuine khukuri’s are handcrafted and specially weighted towards the tip of the blade to provide balance and stability. This gives the kukuri greater chopping power while reducing the overall effort needed to use the knife.

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High Carbon Steel:

Traditional Khukuris are made from carbon steel taken from recycled cars and truck suspensions.  While this steel is tough and makes for an excellent blade these blades will rust if not maintained properly. To avoid rust apply a light coat of oil on the blade after every use and during storage. Any light weight grade of oil or cooking oil will be suitable.


khukuri is very strong because of carbon steel


Full tang blade:

Does your kukri have a full tang handle construction? Full tang blades stretch all the way through the handle the strongest knife construction available.


Handle with Care:

Always respect your Kukuri and handle with care and attention. These blade are designed for cutting and chopping and will cause serious injuries if not handled with responsibly and with care. For those that love the look and feel of a kukuri but do not wish to have a battle ready knife, there are beautifully crafted decorative kukris available. These are smaller and more suited for display in the home. When the time comes to do some edge maintenance the smaller sheath knife that comes with most Kukuris can be used to give that edge a touch up, however other major sharpening is best left for the professionals.


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