Afgan Kukri

This Kukri is used by the Gurkhas deployed in Afghanistan since the war has started there, hence it’s called the Afghan Kukri. This is a replica of the Kukri being used by the Gurkhas in Afghanistan. This has been crafted for the best use in fight, though the replicas are exact copies of the Kukri, they are a bit blunt than the actual Kukri used in War, but it’s an exact replica. The Kukri is made in the style of Angkhola Kukri with an 11 inch semi polished blade, and a handle of 5 inch. The blade is double fuller, or with 2 chira. The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is made up of Rosewood with a comfortable finger grip which is very easy to handle. It is a full tang Kukri with the base of the blade protruded out with a hole at the end for safe carrying or as a hook. The rosewood on the side of the blade which makes the handle is glued together by the traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The scabbard is made up of pinewood with water buffalo leather. The Kukri comes with Karda and Chakma, two small accessory blades used for polishing.

Complementary : Certificate of Guarantee,Tag,Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Place of Origin : Dharan (Eastern part of Nepal).

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