Antique Kukri

Antique kukri are the oldest and historical Kukris from war times, some are as old as 50 years. Most of the Kukris are the replica of the Antique Kukris produce for the sole purpose of collection and souvenirs. Our shop has vast arrays of Antique and traditional kukris which has been passed down through the generations by the khukuri makers for hundreds of years.

The Antique kukri is the resampling of the old kukri. This kukri were used in the Word War. We have tried to resample the kukri with a bit modification. People this but this is a original kukri. Hence, this piece of kukri can take a grate place in your collection. This are the knife that is Authentic kukri. This totally different from the knife that we use in today day. It give the view of the past life. At last, this kukri is the best of all.

This type of kukri are hard to find and we had collected it since we had been in this work. The Antique Kukri are those kukri that have been use by our forefather in the wars. This kukri is a best kukri if you have the habit of collecting kukri. The kukri is hard to find in the other online shopping. We haven’t just say it Antique by name it have been prove by Museum.


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