Balanced Kukri

The Balanced Kukri is one of the Unique product of our shop! The name comes from the ability of the Kukri to stay balanced when the blade is kept on some objects. It’s a beautifully handcrafted Khukuri made in the Eastern region of Nepal. The shape of this Khukuri is similar to a boomerang, and if the Khukuri is thrown it always ends up with the front sharp edge jammed against the target. The Khukuri blade is of highly graded carbon steel. The handle can be customized, either bone or wood or horn. The scabbard is made up of water buffalo leather along with pinewood. The khukuri comes with Karda and Chakmak, two small accessory blades used for polishing.

Usually, this type of Balanced Kukri is of the long length. The kukri are the used to cut the things which are at the upper part. The edges or lower blade is sharp. This is used in chopping the harder things into small pieces. It is easy to use and handle. The handle may be of the different types.

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