Cheetlange Kukri

The Cheetlange Kukri gets its name from a village in Eastern Nepal, where this Khukuri is made. This Khukuri is regarded as a prestigious establishment of the people from Cheetlang village because it is beautifully handcrafted, by the technique that has been passed down for generation and generation. A Cheetlange kukri is a simple basic Khukuri with a highly decorative Scabbard. The handle of the Khukuri is made up of Indian Rosewood. This Khukuri is somewhat similar to Sirupate khukuri, but with a narrower blade. The balde is made up of highly graded carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160). The handle is rosewood. The handle are glued together using traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The unique thing about the scabbard is that it is decorated unlike other scabbard, which is made up of Indian Rosewood. This Khukuri is used for general purposes like chopping woods, cutting meats etc.


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