chef knife

The chef knife is the one of the most used kukri in the kitchen. The knife is easy to handle and have the sharp blade. The chef knife is small in size. The chef knife is a full tang knife which means the blade goes until the handle. Being a full tang it can easy chop any hard things in kitchen. The handle is made up of the indian rosewood usually but if you like we can make the handle of water buffalo horn or water buffalo bone. The sheath of the knife is like a purse of leather.

The hardness of the  knife is spine 22-25 RC,belly 45-46 RC, edge 58-60 RC. The total weight of the chef knife is 448 grams. The blacksmith of the Dharan (East Nepal). The scabbard is of up of water buffalo and it have a small blate around the handle. The blade have the amazing ups and downs which have given extra look for the kukri.

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