Chira Kukri

Chira refers to Fuller. Chira Kukri means the Khukuri with different number of Chiras, It can be a single fuller (Angkhola) or a double fuller, Triple fuller of even upto 5 fullers. It shows the craftsmanship of the maker, the delicate handwork and the concentration and experiences of decades. The fullers are beautifully displayed in the blade which is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is made up of Rosewood, which is glued together by the traditional glue called Laha, it can be a full tang blade of half tang, it can also be a customized Khukuri as per your wish and demand. The handle can be customized accordingly. The scabbard is made up of pinewood with water buffalo leather. The khukuri comes with Karda and Chamak, two small accessory blades used for sharpening.

The Chira Kukri is very high quality of blade. The more the number of chira more is the quality of the kukri. Chira simply means the number of tims bitten, The more the kukri is bitten more will be the hardness.

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