Dragon Kukris

Dragon Khukuri is an Unique Khukuri exclusive to FGKH. It is a custom made Khukuri, where the upperpart of the blade is serrated, which gives a shape of the spines of a dragon. It is a very beautiful craftedKhukuri and one of the bestselling Khukuris of FGKH. The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon. It isa full tang Khukuri with unpolished blade. The handle can be rosewood, born or horn depending uponthe product and it can be customized according to the buyers interest. The handle is glued together bytraditional Nepali glue called laha and secured by two rivets. The scabbard is made from refined waterbuffalo leather and pinewood. The khukuri comes with two small accessory blades called Karda andChakmak, which are used for polishing and sharpening. The Khukuri comes in various sizes. This khukurican be used for various purposes such as chopping woods, cutting meats and vegetables, the upperserrated part can be used to cut ropes and other such things, or just keeping as a show piece in your collection.

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