FGKH Custom Kukri


The Famous Gurkha Khukuri house is a genuine and expert Khukuri producer and exporter and unique Khukuri house (FGKH Custom Kukri). One of our Unique quality includes producing custom Khukuri. The customer can choose various different styles of Khukuri and we can create a custom khukuri within the categories of Khukuri, engrave it change its handle or create a completely new Khukuri depending upon the customers interest. The FGKH Custom Kukri is for the customer to design their own style in kukri.

If you have any idea about the shape and size of the gurkha khukuri ? then, you can tell us. We will try to make the gurkha khukuri that is of your interest. We have a huge amount to kukri that are design buy the customer. The custom kukri are of the different size and the shape. If you are a kukri lover then this could be a huge thing for you. The image that you draw in the piece of the paper can come true. It’s like dream come true to the gurkha kukri lover.You don’t have to worry about the materials used in the custom kukri. We have been using the car-suspension while making the kukri. The gurkha khukuri are famous all over the world.

Having the kukri of  your design in the wall or hand is like a dream. The british gurkhas loves this kind of things. The american eagle is among one of the custom design kukri. The gurkha kukri are handmade crafts. Only few people are involved in process of making the kukri. The hand forged gurkha khukuri are the strongest kukri.The custom knife takes a bit time to make it but you don’t have to worry your kukri will be of the best and with the perfect work on it. The custom design on the gurkha khukuri is the best part of all the things. The kukri have its own story to tell. But making your design will make you remember your own days.

You can custom design your kukri along with the scabbard of the kukri. The kukri can be used in the different purpose. You can design for any thing you like and any shape you want. You can design the things or arts in the blade too. The art on the blade gives the extra look to the kukri. In the kukri you can also do the engraving of anythings.

The gurkha khukuri having the unique design on the knife. This could be the best thing you can ever hear if you are a khukuri lover.

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