Historical kukri

If you look at this category you can see that there is only historical kukri. In this category, we have separated the knife that has a unique look and only those knives that somehow used in the past. The historical kukri has the shape and size that look the same to the past khukuri. The only one thing we have changed in this historical kukri is that we have made every khukuri full tang so that the user feels safe to use. Mainly the khukuri that were used in the past were screw drive that simply means that the khukuri blade is only up to a certain part of the handle. Such khukuri can be of great danger if not taken precautions before using it.

The only reason we have made it full tang is for user safety. This makes the knife strong. The historical khukuri is hand bitten khukuri with the best quality of the carbon steel. There is a huge process of making the khukuri. Gurkha kukri is known all around the world. The Gorkhalis have given the proved of the bravery in many wars with these hands. The historical khukuri has the similar size of the blade and the handle of the past khukuri. This type of khukuri has a simple single-side blade. And with the simple handle which gives you a historical look.

The handle and sheath are made of the water buffalo bone, its skin, and the Indian rosewood. The Historical kukri gives you the feeling of the proudness, Such knife was used by our forefather in the wars from where they have earned the title of many victories prize.

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