Hunting Kukri

Hunting kukri are those kukri which are specialized for hunting purposes. Hunting kukri have been in use in Nepal since a very long time. Villagers in various parts of Nepal use Kukris for hunting. A khukuri is a very essential and important part of a household in Nepal. A hunting Khukuri a typical traditional Nepali Khukuri, the blade is high grade carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160). The handle can be bone, wood or horn. The scabbard is  of water buffalo leather. The Khukuri come with two small accessory knives called Karda and Chakmak.

The Hunting kukri are of the different types and size.  This type of kukri is going to be best in hunting purpose because this kukri came in pocket size.The kukri are our own knives. This knife are made by blacksmith from the Eastern part of the country. Therefore, are the best kukri.

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