Iraqi Kukri

The  Iraqi  Kukri(khukuri) is famous among the Gurkha soldiers who fought in Iraq because it was designed to carry operation in Iraq. This iraqi Kukri is newly designed product to British Gurkha soldiers who are in Iraq. It is not necessary that every Gurkha soldiers who are in Iraq carry this Kukri blade but this Kukri is designed for the luxury and ease to carry in Iraq.

The handle of this Iraqi Kukri is quite different from the other Khukris. This type of handle is quite comfortable for working and the case or sheath of this Kukri also matches with Iraqi environment. Examined by an officer, the  Iraqi Kukri is usually used during training and duty. Like all the other Kukris this Iraqi Operation Freedom Kukri also has two pockets on the back of the scabbard which is used to hold a small utility knife called “karda” used for skinning small animals and a sharpener “chakmak” to sharpening the blade or for striking spark from flint.

The notch (kaura or kaudi) in the blade near the hilt serves as channel for the blood on the blade to drip out preventing it from staining and sometimes using as a unit for catching and neutralizing enemy blade. The iraqi kukri are the gurkha khukuri that are use by the nepali during the operation in the other country. The british gurkhas loves this kukri. The gurkha soldier have the knowledge about the history of the kukri. The gurkha soldier have help many people in the wars and rescue many lives.

The kukri house in the nepal are dealing with the hand made khukuri. This kukri are made with the best quality of the khukuri. Only, small group of the people are found in this job.

You may not know how to take out the kukri from sheath. So, always draw the khukuri from scabbard slowly holding the upper edge of scabbard with palm and fingers. Avoid encircling the scabbard with your fingers. It may cause injury to your inner fingers.For the maintenance of the kukri: if you are going to keep it inside the scabbard for a long time, make sure the blade are well oiled with any kind of machine oil or gun oil. If you have a displaying stand as shown in the photo than, just keep the blade clean and dry. In case of rust develop on the blade rub it with fine sandpaper.

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