Sirupate kukri

The Sirupate kukri is a famous Nepali Khukuri. It’s different from a normal Khukuri in that, the blade of this Khukuri is very long, the name Sirupate derives from the word Siru as the blade resembles the leaf of Siru. It’s a very long and Unique Khukuri. It has a straight and slimmer blade, like that of a sword.The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is made up of rosewood, and the scabbard is long and made up of water buffalo leather fused with pinewood.

The sirupate kukri are the historical khukuri where the shape and size of the this khukuri is same as the original khukuri. The gurkha khukuri are the famous all over the world. The khukuri have the shape which is same as those kukri that use in the World War I and World War II. The knife are made from hand. The khukuri are at first warmed in the fire than it is cut down at the shape of the khukuri. Only the few people from the dharan are involved in this process of making of kukuri. The people which are involved in making the gurkha khukuri are called blacksmith. The name was given by our forefather. The gurkha knives are the best because it is handmade and the quality of the steel use in it is of the best quality.

The gurkha knives can be use from one generation to another generation. That’s really prove the quality of the gurkha knives. This kukri are not only used by the nepali people but it is also loved by the British Army. The weight of the sirupate knife is not that much heavy which means these kukri can be used so smoothly.  The Sirupate knives can be of screw tang or Full tang kukri. The full tang kukri are a bit strong than the screw tang kukri. The kukri in which the blade of the knife is upto the end of the handle from the blade through the same blade, such type of the gurkha kukri are called as the full tang kukri. Since, the single blade goes down to the handle the khukuri are really strong and can be used from one generation to another generation. Such type of the kukri can be use in chopping any hard things even the bone. This kukri can also be used in the hunting and in chopping hard things.

Whereas the screw tang kukri is not as strong as a full tang knife. In screw tang kukri the blade is not until the end of the handle. The blade is in between the middle of the knife. While using this kukri there is chance of braking of the blade. It can be used in doing kitchen work. The Sirupate kukri is the historical and the original khukuri.

You may not know how to take out the kukri from sheath. So, always draw the khukuri from scabbard slowly holding the upper edge of scabbard with palm and fingers. Avoid encircling the scabbard with your fingers. It may cause injury to your inner fingers.For the maintenance of the kukri: if you are going to keep it inside the scabbard for a long time, make sure the blade are well oiled with any kind of machine oil or gun oil. If you have a displaying stand as shown in the photo than, just keep the blade clean and dry. In case of rust develop on the blade rub it with fine sandpaper.

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