Trekkers Kukri

Trekkers Khukuri as small sized Khukuri’s usually mini khukuris similar to pocket knives which are famous amongst the trekkers. The dragon khukuri falls among the Trekkers khukuri as the upper serrated part of the Khukuri can cut through the rope and other things easily, which comes in handy during trekking. And apart from that it can easily cut through woods and meat if needed during the trekking. The Blade can be various inches long depending upon once choice, but usually 5,6 and 8 inches fall under trekkers Khukuri. The scabbard is made from refined water buffalo leather and pinewood. The handle can be bones, horn or wood depending upon the khukuri. The Khukuri comes with karda, chakmak, accessory blades.

Complementary : Certificate of Guarantee,Tag,Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Place of Origin : Dharan (Eastern part of Nepal).

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