Village Farmers Kukri

The Village Farmers Kukri is a traditional Khukuri that has been in use in the villages of Nepal since a long time. Nepali people have been using Kukris for a very long time, for chopping wood, cutting meats, sacrificing animals and various other daily utilities. The Village Farmers Kukri is a typical Nepali village style Khukuri. The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is from rosewood which is glued together with Nepali glue called Laha. The scabbard is water buffalo leather fused with pinewood. The Khukuri comes with two small accessory blades called Karda and Chamak.

The Village Farmers Kukri is the strongest gurkha khukuri. These kukri can be used in going any hard things. This kukri are made for real using purpose. The gurkha khukuri are the historical khukuri. The best khukuri are because of the quality use in it while making the khukuri. The size of the blade is perfect for the hunting and for using. The gurkha khukuri are made from the hand.The kukri comes with two small accessory blades which are used for polishing and sharpening along with a water buffalo and pinewood scabbard.

We highly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate timber oil or wood treatment prior to use to protect and prolong the life of the timber. All of our exquisite Kukri’s are handmade and as such there will be variations in size, weight, timber colour and other such features which make them unique and distinguishable from machine made imitations. Buyers must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword. Please note that the kukri’s are shipped directly from Nepal.

You may not know how to take out the kukri from sheath. So, always draw the khukuri from scabbard slowly holding the upper edge of scabbard with palm and fingers. Avoid encircling the scabbard with your fingers. It may cause injury to your inner fingers.For the maintenance of the kukri: if you are going to keep it inside the scabbard for a long time, make sure the blade are well oiled with any kind of machine oil or gun oil. If you have a displaying stand as shown in the photo than, just keep the blade clean and dry. In case of rust develop on the blade rub it with fine sandpaper.

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