Village Farmers Kukri

The Village farmers Khukuri is a traditional Khukuri that has been in use in the villages of Nepal since a long time. Nepali people have been using Khukuris for a very long time, for chopping wood, cutting meats, sacrificing animals and various other daily utilities. This is a typical Nepali village style Khukuri. The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is from rosewood which is glued together with Nepali glue called Laha. The scabbard is water buffalo leather fused with pinewood. The Khukuri comes with two small accessory blades called Karda and Chamak.

Complementary : Certificate of Guarantee,Tag,Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Place of Origin : Dharan (Eastern part of Nepal).

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