12 Inch Hand Forged Blade Balance Kukri

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This is one of the most Beautiful Kukri. The handle of this Kukri and the blade is equal.While you put your finger in the middle of the blade it will be balance. Hence it called Balance Kukri. It’s is said: when you throw this kukri its goes in exact target therefore it is use for Hunting. This is very difficult to make the blade and the handle equal.

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The blade is 12  inch. The shape and size of the Balance Kukri is similar to Angkhola kukri but with curve tip of blade where the channel on the blade is made in a different way. It is also called Budhune kukri (one of the oldest kukri made in Nepal). The expertise on this knife is amazing. So, if you are looking for the finest quality kukri you can order this. This blade can be used in different purposes like jungle bush, cutting vegetable, meat, bamboo, wood and so on. The kukri comes with 12 inches blade where the handle is 5 inches. The spine is 6 mm and the net belly length is 9 mm  where the widest part of the blade is 6.2cm. The weight of Balance Kukri is 1760 grams with scabbards. Set of Karda and Chakmak is included that are high quality small knives (Utility Knife Sharpener). Taking about the hardness of the steel used in the Balance Kukri spine: 22-25 RC, belly: 45-46 RC, edge: 58-60 RC. Material used in the balance kukri is Highly Graded Carbon Steel(5160), Water Buffalo refine Leather for Scabbard(outside) and Indian rose wood and water buffalo bone for the Handle, Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside), Laha( Nepali Traditional Glue). The overall length of the  balance kukri is 17 inches. This Balance Kukri is balanced keeping at the scabbard without touching the blade. Every people get shocked by the way it is balanced. For making the  Balance Kukri our black smith from the south part of the Nepal. We have try to used the best materials for its manufacture. Even look at the handle it have the combination of the Indian rose wood and water buffalo bone at the same size. This have give the perfect look for the   Balance Kukri. It can be used and display if you like.

Additional information

Weight 1.76 kg
Blade Length(inch):

12 Inch and unpolished blade,Handmade.

Handle Length(inch):

5 Inch Rosewood full tang with blocker handle.

Total Length(inch):

17 Inches.

Material Used :

Highly Graded Carbon Steel, (car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160)Water Buffalo refine Leather for Scabbard(outside) and Rosewood for the Handle, Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside), Laha( Nepali Traditional Glue).


5.9 cm.


3.5 Cm.

Width at Ricasso(mm):

10 mm.

Width at Belly(mm):

9 mm.

Net Weight (gms):

1160 gms(Approx).


1760 gms (including packaging).

Hardness of steel :

spine= 22-25 RC, belly= 45-46 RC, edge= 58-60 RC.

Complementary :

Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Place Of Origin :

FGKH Factory in Dharan (East Nepal).


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