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This is an 8 inch American Eagle. American eagle is one of the bestselling kukri(khukuri) of FGKH. The blade is made up of highly graded carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160).The blade is 8 inch long semi polished blade, it’s a full tang blade with a bone handle. The handle is 5 inch long made up of bone with three rivets and glue up together by traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The overall length is 13 inch. The Scabbard is made up of water buffalo leather. This kukri can be used to chop wood cut meat. It can also be used as a trekkers knife as well.


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The american eagle kukri is one of the beautiful kukri models. The name- American Eagle derives from the Eagle which is national Symbol of United States, the handle shape is eagle and its famous within US Knife collectors. Continue beating process is use in the blade. The american eagle kukri are the kukri made in Nepal which is use by the people. The upper edge of this gurkha khukuri have the blade too.

The 10″ knife-edge is made of highly graded carbon steel (spring of truck, Car) with water pouring temper on the blade so it is very strong. The Full tang handle is of the Indian rose wood  and fixed with two metal rivets. Sheath is skin colour and made of water-buffalo leather. The size of the handle is 6 Inch with full tang guarde. The hardness of the steel use in the 10 Inch american eagle kukri wood Handle Kukri is spine: 22-25 RC, belly: 45-46 RC, edge: 58-60 RC. The overall length of the kukri is 16 Inches.

This is the most famous kukri have also been made by the popular black smith from western part of the Nepal. The total length is 13 Inch american eagle kukri wood Handle Kukri is 635 grams. Taking about the scabbard it is supper cool with the black color of the water buffalo. And the blade is so sharp that cut even the wood. The blade is full tang so there is no chances of breaking. It will not only for one generation but for the other generation. Even the kukuri  does not have a huge factory so it is collect from one generation to another. Talking about the use it can be used in the hunting purposes and for cutting the trees. The kukri is use in the rural part of the country where the sources of fuel is wood. And it is so comfortable in using it. It have grate uses from kitchen to the office, office to the forest , forest to the hicking.



Additional information

Weight 1.14 kg
lade Length(inch):

8 Inches Handmade and Unpolished Blade.

Handle Length(inch):

5 Inch Rosewood full tang with blocker handle.

Total Length(inch):

13 Inches.


4.5 cm.


3 cm.

Width at Ricasso(mm):


Width at Belly(mm):

8 mm.

Net Weight (gms):

635 gms(Approx).

Hardness of steel :

spine= 22-25 RC, belly= 45-46 RC, edge= 58-60 RC.

Material Used :

Highly Graded Carbon Steel, (car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160)Water Buffalo refine Leather for Scabbard(outside) and Rosewood for the Handle, Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside), Laha( Nepali Traditional Glue).

Complementary :

Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Place Of Origin :

FGKH Factory in Dharan (East Nepal).


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