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 First of all if you are a khukuri lover we present you the best!!! The farmer hunting kukri is one of the most loved kukri. The farmer hunting kukri is full tang kukri. The Famous Gurkha Khukuri House deals with the Genuine Gurkha Knife. We never compromise in the quality used in the kukri. The farmer hunting kukri is not only for single generation it is going generation to another. The blade of the kukri is full tang so it can be use in chopping goat at the single times. The handle of the kukri is of the Indian rosewood. The scabbard of the kukri is made up of pinewood from inside and water buffalo leather from the outside.

The type of the blade is 12 inch, semi polished. The handle type is 4.5 inches, full tang blade. The overall length of the kukri is 18.5 inches. The total weight of the farmer hunting kukri is 1048 gram. The carbon steel use in this kukriis 5160 RC spring. This is the best quality of the kukri used in khukuri. The kukri is made from the eastern part of the Nepal. The farmer hunting kukri is a handmade kukri. This can be use in the hunting and in the home to. If you are a khukuri lover than just look at the photo how  cool the kukri is ??. Hence this kukri is going to give you lots of work.

Additional information

Weight 1.048 kg
Carbon Steel Type:

5160 RC Spring

Overall Length :

18.5inches (46.99cm)

Blade Type:

12Inches (30.48cm)/semi-polished

Handle Type :

4.5Inches (11.43cm)/full tang”Horn”

Weight :



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