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The kukri Gurkha is one of the authentic and historic knives of all time. This knife is used to show the bravery of the great gurkhalis at the wars. The knife a long full tang knife. The Gurkha khukri is the must use kukri Gurkha in the world.

And telling you about the knife is that it is also similar to the other khukuri that were used in the world war 1st and the 2nd. This kukri Gurkha is a 20-inch hand-forged sirupati kukri.  The 20 Inch Hand Forged Sirupate Kukri is one of the bestselling Kukris of FGKH. This Kukri has a polished handmade 20-inch blade made up of Highly graded Carbon Steal. It is a fixed Blade Handle. The handle is 7 Inch and made up of rosewood which is glued together by traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The sheath or scabbard is made up of water buffalo leather. The overall length of the blade is 27 inches and weighs about 1343 gms. This Kukri is primarily used in the villages of Nepal for cutting bamboos and trees and also for daily activities like meat and vegetable cutting. The materials used in the 20 Inch Hand Forged Sirupate Kukri is Highly Graded Carbon Steel, (car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160). The hardness of the steel used is spine: 22-25 RC, belly: 45-46 RC, edge: 58-60 RC. This kukri can be used in chopping meats, cutting down trees, etc.

Overall the Gurkha khukuri is a bit long and easy to use. This kukri can be of great used in the home or at any place. The kukri knife has its own style of making. So, taking that considering the way of making it we have used the same way of making. We have only replaced the screw handle with the full tang handle which is saved to handle. The full tang handle is easy to use which is provided with the guard at the handle which makes the user use it easily and makes them feel comfortable.

Additional information

Weight 1.343 kg
Total length

20 inch

Blade size

27 inch


58-60 RC

Materials used

Highly Graded Carbon Steel, (car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160)

Hardness of the steel

spine: 22-25 RC, belly: 45-46 RC


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