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This is a 10 Inch Hand Forged Sirupate Kukri.Sirupate Kukri is one of the bestselling Kukris of FGKH. This Kukri has a polished handmade 10 inch blade made up of Highly graded Carbon Steal. It is a fixed Blade Handle. The handle is 5 Inch and made up of rosewood which is glued together by traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The sheath or scabbard is made up of water buffalo leather.The overall length of the blade is 16 inch and weighs about 804gms. This Kukri is primarily used in the villages of Nepal for cutting bamboos and trees and also for daily activities like meat and vegetable cutting.

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Nepali Sirupate Khukuri -This is a 10 Inch Hand Forged Nepali Sirupate Khukuri. Sirupate kukris is one of the bestselling Kukris of FGKH. The Nepali Sirupate Khukuri has a polished handmade 10 inch blade made up of Highly graded Carbon Steel. It is a fixed Blade Handle.

The more on Nepali Sirupate Khukuri :

The handle of Nepali Sirupate Khukuri is 5 Inch and is of rosewood. The handle  is glue together by traditional Nepali glue known as Laha. The sheath or scabbard is of water buffalo leather. The overall length of the blade is 16 inch and weigh is 804 gms. The complementary of the 10 Inch Nepali Sirupate Khukuri Wood Handle Full Tang is it is certified of guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta paper. The hardness of the steel is spine 22-25 RC, edge 58-60 RC , belly 45-46 RC. The material use is highly carbon steel, (car and jeep leaf spring, 5160) . The common place of origin of the 10 Inch Hand forged Sirupate kukri is Dharan (East Nepal).  The scabbard of the Khukuri is of the water buffalo skin.

The handle is of the Indian rose wood. The curve of the blade is similar to the original kukri which give the historical look to the kukri. This knife can be of great use for both decoration and for the normal use.  Since the kukri is a full tang blade so, it can be use to cut the bone, bigger wood and the even the stronger materials. It can be easily use in chopping meats and vegetables. This can be used in gift purpose too or you can use in other decorative purpose too. Sirupate kukris is the most common kukri in the Nepal. It have the perfect blood dropper and the it have given good look to the knife. It have the good sharp at blade. Therefore, this is one of the kukuri which give the original look of the Nepali Sirupate Khukuri.

The Gurkha khukuri have its own features in its. The blood dropper at the lower curve have the cow foot shape blood dropper. This blood dropper helps to keep your hand moisture free so, that you feel easy to use it. Moreover the blood dropper have the historical symbols and many  more saying about it. This is our new product.

The khukuri house handicraft industry in nepal is not a big industry. We have been connecting with the khukuri house handicraft industry which provide us the best gurkha kukri knife. The kukri are stick tang knife. This type of the kukri are mostly loved by the british gurkhas because they want the original and authentic gurkha khukuri. The kukri house in the nepal will provide you the handmaid’s best quality of the gurkha khukuri knife. Even the price of the kukri is not that much. The size of the kukri is of the medium size knife.

The gurkha khukuri can be made by the different version this is called custom made kukri. The custom design kukri are the kukri made as the wise of the customer order. This type of the kukri can be of any shape and any size. The gurkha khukuri are customised by the kukri lover. The gurkha khukuri knife are the original and the historical kukri.

If the people are searching for the historical gurkha khukuri then this could be the one of the best kukri for them. The sirupate kukri are made by the hand using the car suspension. This is the best quality of the materials use in the kukri. It carry the history of the brave gurkha. The kukri is easy to handle. There are especially two type one is of the low weight which is easy to handle and another is called as a tourist kukri. These tourist khukuri are heavy and hard to use. So, the weight plays a great role in using the gurkha khukuri.

You may not know how to take out the kukri from sheath. So, always draw the khukuri from scabbard slowly holding the upper edge of scabbard with palm and fingers. Avoid encircling the scabbard with your fingers. It may cause injury to your inner fingers.For the maintenance of the kukri: if you are going to keep it inside the scabbard for a long time, make sure the blade are well oiled with any kind of machine oil or gun oil. If you have a displaying stand as shown in the photo than, just keep the blade clean and dry. In case of rust develop on the blade rub it with fine sandpaper.


Additional information

Weight 0.804 kg
Blade Size and Type:

10 Inch and unpolished  blade,Handmade


Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta Paper.

Handle Size:

6 Inch bone full tang handle.

Hardness of Steel:

spine: 22-25 RC, belly: 45-46 RC, edge: 58-60 RC.

Material Used:

Highly Graded Carbon Steel, (car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160)

Overall length:

16 Inches

Place of Origin:

Dharan (East Nepal).


804 gms

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This khukuri is so nice and authentic. I visit their shop last friday and i found it so interesting.
    Thank you so much Famous Gurkha Khukuri House for giving me good genuine product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Such a original khukuri

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